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Hydration Therapy Cream with Olive Leaf Extract

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Hydration Therapy Cream with Olive Leaf Extract

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Hydration Therapy Cream with Olive Leaf Extract

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Hydration Therapy Cream harnesses the power of the phytochemical extract Oleuropein found in Olive Leaves to improve elasticity and hydration. The unique formula supports a return to balanced skin for those with dehydration in a lightweight application that absorbs completely. Reduces fine lines, as well as the ability of the skin to ‘bounce back.’ Antioxidants found in Olive Leaf Extract have been shown to reduce pigmentation brought on by UV exposure.

Skin Type: Dehydrated (dry to oily), sun damage


  • a unique ‘tri-phase’ cream to absorb completely into the skin leaving a matte finish
  • suitable for dry to oily skin types needing moisture (water)
  • high level antioxidant to scavenge free radicals and protect from photoaging and sun spots
  • improves skin elasticity and turgor, or ability to bounce back

Directions: Use morning and night as needed.Place a pearl size drop of product on fingertips and smooth into the skin where sun damage and dehydration have occurred. The unique technology of this emulsion encourages rapid absorption. When applying to dry skin (not damp), work in with fingertips to a small area at a time.

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Featured Ingredients:

  • Olive Leaf Extract (oleuropein): a phytochemical extract high in antioxidants, provides photo-scavenging benefits, as well as improving elasticity and hydration
  • Jojoba Seed Oil (simmondsia chinensis): lightweight botanical oil that matches the sebum of our own skin to provide moisturisation without residue; balances oil production in the skin; rich in natural micro-elements, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Essential Oils of Neroli (citrus aurantium), Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) and Rose Flower (rosa damascena): calming aroma, soothing, and balancing towards hydration and soft skin