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Moisture Control Lotion with Vitamin C

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Moisture Control Lotion with Vitamin C

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Moisture Control Lotion with Vitamin C

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This moisture rich, daily moisturizer dances on your skin all day! The dazzling combination of Vitamin C and the nourishing effects of macadamia oil and healing rosehip oil make this lotion an everyday essential. With subtle notes of lavender and neroli, it’s a true treat for your skin.

Skin Type: Normal Skin

• Light weight
• Quick absorbing
• Moisture-rich daily formula
• Improves skin elasticity and balance
• Protects from dehydration and irritation

Directions: Use morning and night for optimum results. Place a pearl size drop onto fingertips and massage evenly all over face, avoid direct eye contact. Use another pearl size drop for neck.

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Featured Ingredients:
• Macadamia Oil – A rich nut oil with unique protein for cell proliferation, matches sebum of skin.
• Rosehip Oil – Loaded with vitamin C. Contains essential fatty acids, effective in dry skin treatment, healing acne scars and sunburn.
• Camellia Oil – High in Linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid, that assists in maintaining the water barrier beneath the stratum corneum, or the uppermost layers of skin cells. A dry devitalised skin is not necessarily caused by a lack of oil in the skin, but instead is due to the evaporation of water through this barrier.