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Premium Australian Skin & Body Care by Rebecca C. Online. We offer personalised skin consultations and active skincare to give your skin the best results.


Uspa Philosophy

Our philosophy at Uspa is to ensure that our products use the most optimal combination of herbal and scientific technology resulting in the highest level of sophistication and functionality.

We strive to work in partnership with nature and our clients. We believe all our clients should be given the opportunity to personally educate themselves to their fullest satisfaction and that this should take place in a positive environment. We believe that radiant skin can only come from healthy skin, and we are committed to developing and delivering to all our clients the best products and treatments in pursuit of this objective. Healthy skin is all about vitality, and reflective of a graceful aging process. Healthy skin captures the essence of Uspa.

Our commitment to nature includes employing environmental friendly, recyclable packaging, as well as carbon offsetting programs. Our product development is free of cruelty and involves no animal testing. Made in the pure Australian environment, we are committed to delivering the best Australia and the world have to offer

Uspa Ingreditents

We strive to use only pure elements and natural extracts from plants. Wherever possible our ingredients are organically grown and produced in Australia.

By using plants and herbs in our daily life through skin care, aromatherapy, body treatments even freshly cut flowers, we can experience their remarkable chemistry. Effectively engaging nature leads to total beauty and a sense of wellbeing.

We are continuously sourcing new ingredients and ways to incorporate them into our unique range of products. To enhance the functionality and application of our botanical ingredients we use the latest technologies. This creates a truly superior, better balanced and effective approach to our daily skin care routine.

Uspa is all about delivering outstanding results for both sexes. We take pride in our high standards of excellence as each product is regularly tested to ensure it meets our philosophy and standards of professional integrity.